To photograph in “The ditch” in front of the Gothenburg Culture Festival’s largest stage on Kungstorget, you need photo accreditation. The remaining festival places and stages during the festival are open to photograph without accreditation.

Below you find a list of rules of conduct and other things that are good to know. Please read it through before you apply. Once you have submitted your application, you are not guaranteed accreditation. We will get back to you by email in second half of August.

The photo accreditation applies to still images taken in the photo ditch in front of the stage. Any moving images require permission from the respective artist, and this responsibility lies with each editorial team and is not something that Gothenburg Culture Festival can provide.

If you have any further questions, please contact our press contact for
Gothenburg Culture Festival:

Charlott Holmåker
Mobil: +46 (0)72 856 65 11

Petra Gamerdinger
Mobil: +46 (0)70 572 33 27

Fotograf: Johan Hafström

The following applies to photographers

Photo accreditation gives access to the “The ditch” or “The photo pit” (the area between the edge of the stage and the audience fence) at Kungstorget.

Mainly security staff works in the ditch, which is an area with very restricted access.

You must wear your accreditation visibly and wait outside the edge of the stage until one of the security or PR staff receives you. The accreditation is personal.

Normally, photographers are allowed to shoot during the first three tracks. During a plank that consists of several short performances, it is usually limited to the first track. Security or PR staff on site communicate this information.

Security or PR staff can restrict access to the ditch at any time for safety reasons.

When the tracks you are allowed to photograph are over, you are expected to leave the ditch yourself. We ask that you leave the ditch before you start unpacking equipment, etc.

If the security or PR staff needs to ask you to leave, they will tap you on the shoulder.

To avoid affecting the work of security or PR staff, photographers must try not to interfere with their work.

Note that there is limited space in the ditch, so please arrive in time for the activities you are going to photograph to secure your place. We apply on a first-come, first-served basis, but of course, only those with accreditation have access.

If you publish your photos on social media, please tag our account with @goteborgskulturkalas. It is not a must, but if you do, we can share it on our channels. You can also add the hashtags #goteborgskulturkalas #kulturkalaset.

If you have any further PR-related questions or would like to interview someone, we will be happy to help!