Program release in late June

Visit Gothenburg Culture Festival on 1-4 September 2022. You find the central festival area on Kungstorget and Basargatan with a classic festival atmosphere. Discover one of our new festival areas, located in places typical of Gothenburg – such as Slottsskogen, Ringön, Bergsjön, and Slakthuset in Gamlestaden.

Bergsjön, 1–4 September

Kulturhuset Bergsjön is the new culture hall in Gothenburg, placed at Rymdtorget in Bergsjön. The inauguration takes place already on 17 August and continues with various activities until the first weekend in September when Gothenburg’s Culture Festival guests and creates a day filled with experiences, encounters and culture. In Bergsjön you can also help build Bergsjötrollet and go in a figure parade, read and listen to poetry or visit one of the other festivals: Textilfestivalen or Tellusfestivalen.

Bältesspännarparken, 1–4 September

Just a stone’s throw from Kungstorget is Bältesspännarparken. Sustainability is in focus where a mix of music and food can be experienced in a relaxed and cosy environment throughout the party. Imagine a farmers’ market that meets the city’s pulse in perfect symbiosis! In the park, we are visited by Urban Food Space, which creates sustainable change with good food and entrepreneurship.

Gamlestaden & Slakthuset, 3 September

In the old butchers’ quarters in the western part of Gamlestaden, activities today focus on gardening and breweries. If you have green fingers or are hungry for something good to drink, this is the place to go! Together with Gamlestadens Galej, Gothenburg’s Culture Festival will come to Gamlestaden and Slakthuset on 3 September and offer a green and nice hangout!

Kungstorget & Basargatan, 1–4 September

In the city centre of Gothenburg is Kungstorget, the hub for this year’s festival with experiences, music and food. In a semicircle around the square is Basargatan where food trucks with both street food and sweet food will serve something for all tastes. Throughout the weekend, the area and Gothenburg’s Culture Festival will be visited by the Street food Festival, which offers the Swedish Championships in street food, as well as a variety of concerts in plenty of genres that kick off with the big Climate Live gala on Thursday.

Ringön, 3 September

On Ringön, old industries coexist with new businesses such as breweries and pubs, art and film studios and much more. The meeting between old and new creates an exciting and important place for Gothenburg’s history and future. Saturday 3 September, Gothenburg’s cultural party together with Ö-festen welcomes a day, evening and night for you who want to experience a unique party filled with music, culture and encounters that you won’t forget!

Slottsskogen, 1–4 September

In Slottsskogen, the whole family is in the centre during the weekend! In the scenic park, there are activities for all ages such as contemporary circus, folk dancing, outdoor cinema and pony riding. There is also a lane with food trucks for the hungry and a flea market for those who want to go for a bargain hunt! In addition to four days of experiences and encounters, you can treat yourself to a relaxing moment on one of the park’s large lawns.

Other areas, 1–4 September

In addition to the six above-mentioned festival areas, Gothenburg’s Culture Festival will, as usual, be spread out all over the city and near you.