When the Gothenburg Culture Festival starts on 20–22 August, it will be the smallest and at the same time the largest ever. With the new addition the Art Gift, where you book and give away a cultural experience, and with program points in 70 places all over Gothenburg. Standup at Kajskjul 8, streamed concerts, art walks in Hammarkullen and breakdance in Kviberg, choose your favorite from this year’s festival!

– This year, the Culture Festival will be spread all over Gothenburg and thus be the geographically largest festival we have had. At the same time, many program acts will be unique experiences on a smaller scale due to restrictions. We are happy to be able to carry out this year’s Culture Festival for the sake of culture, art, industry and Gothenburgers, says Anna Mjörnvik, project manager at Göteborg & Co for the Gothenburg Culture Festival.

This year’s Culture Festival will offer both physical and digital program acts. To be able to participate in the physical ones, festival visitors must book their seats at most venues. The booking opens at 10am on August 10 on the Gothenburg Culture Festival’s website goteborgskulturkalas.se.

News this year

This year’s big news is the Culture Gift, where a cultural act can be booked and given away to a close and dear person.
– We have assumed that everything can be implemented despite restrictions. A part of that is the Culture Gift where you get an artist or artist home to your home, garden or yard for a short act. It is available to everyone, says Birte Niederhaus, artistic director at Göteborg & Co for Göteborgs Kulturkalas.

Visit Kulturkalaset throughout Gothenburg

This year, the Gothenburg Culture Festival has 70 festival sites in more parts of the city than ever before. The new festival sites include Kviberg, where the focus will be on children and young people, Pustervik with panel discussions and concerts and the culture houses including Blå Stället in Angered. But you do not have to leave your home to take part in this year’s Culture Festival, as some of the concerts and panel discussions will be streamed from the new website goteborgskulturkalas.se.

Collaboration and new collaborations

Every year, the Culture Festival collaborates with various actors, something that has become extra important this year.
– We want to create relationships and collaborations to help restart the culture after the pandemic. We put the money on culture and the artists and use and support the existing infrastructure, says Birte Niederhaus, artistic director at Göteborg & Co for Göteborgs Kulturkalas.

During this year’s edition of the Gothenburg Culture Festival, you as a visitor will experience a completely different and adapted festival. This year, the festival has 110 program acts over three days spread over 70 locations throughout Gothenburg, including the city center.