Booking for those programme items that require pre-booking opened today. We are delighted – and proud – that this year’s programme has attracted huge interest.

Unfortunately, this meant that the website was a little wobbly to begin with, but it has since worked better and we can now confirm that many bookings have been received and some programme items are already fully booked. It is a shame that we have been unable to offer places for everyone, but this is impossible this year due to the current circumstances.

Happily, it is still possible to experience this year’s festival! Many of our programme items are not yet fully booked, and some activities will operate on a drop-in or first come, first served basis. There will also be plenty of streamed acts to enjoy wherever you are. (You can find these under “Watch at home” in the main menu.) In addition, we will be offering art gifts – the opportunity to book a unique cultural experience for someone special.

Image from Helsinki Festival. Photo: Saara Autere