The Gothenburg Culture Festival takes responsibility for development

The Gothenburg Culture Festival wants to be more than just a festival – we also want to contribute towards and inspire positive development, for both our city and our planet. Since 2008, we have therefore worked actively with sustainability from three angles: ecological, social and financial sustainability.

Award-winning environmental work

Since 2008, the Gothenburg Culture Festival has been environmentally certified by the Swedish Environmental Base. This means that the festival must meet a number of demands each year, including checks on food, transport, purchasing and waste.

Sustainability policy

We strive to push the borders in terms of how sustainable an event can be. This is our responsibility as an event organiser, and as citizens of the Earth. You can find out more about our sustainability work on this page.

Diverse, gender equal and accessible to all

The festival’s organisation works actively to constantly increase diversity, gender equality and accessibility. In 2015 we won Equalisters’ Justice Award for our gender equality work, and in 2016 we won the LiveApan Initiative of the Year award.

Culture is for everyone

All the Gothenburg Culture Festival’s programme items are free for visitors. This is a central aspect of the festival’s mission, in terms of both improving access to culture and meeting the City of Gothenburg’s budget target on the importance of holding more free events. Free entry is one factor that gives more people the opportunity to take part in cultural activities, and is also seen by the festival’s visitors as one of the best things about the Gothenburg Culture Festival.