This year, we are taking significant steps to make the festival even more sustainable by striving for the Sustainable Event certification through the company Greentime.

Sustainability and sustainable development are concepts that can feel both extensive and complex, especially when it comes to large events. Aiming for certification can make it easier for the organizer to structure and find the right level of effort – to truly make a difference.

“The collaboration with Greentime challenges us who work with Göteborgs Kulturkalas to strive to become even better. Together, we can create a festival that is as responsible as it is fun and inspiring,” says Jane Johnzon, concept developer at Göteborg & Co.

To review the festival’s sustainability efforts, Greentime employs independent auditors. A large number of criteria must be met within the three dimensions of ecological, social, and economic for the festival to be approved. All three dimensions need to interact and strengthen each other for us to achieve a sustainable future.

By meeting Greentime’s requirements, Kulturkalaset wants to show that the commitment to sustainability permeates all parts of the event, says Jane Johnzon. It’s not just about entertaining and inspiring visitors but also about doing so in a way that contributes to a sustainable future.

However, sustainability certification is not new for Kulturkalaset. In previous years, the festival has been certified through SUSA, Sustainable Standards, issued by Svensk Miljöbas. This has been an important step that demonstrated the festival’s commitment to environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices.

“Aiming for Greentime’s certification now feels like a natural next step in our sustainability journey,” says Jane Johnzon.