Do you want to organize an activity or project at Gothenburg’s very own city festival? How nice! Welcome to submit your notice of interest!

New for this year’s festival is that Gothenburg Culture Festival enables potential collaboration partners, organizers, and actors to submit a notice of interest to become a part of our festival. If you have an activity or project that you want to implement during the Gothenburg Culture Festival on August 31 – September 3, 2023, we will be happy to receive your registration.

Together we make Gothenburg Culture Festival 2023!

Please remember that you are not guaranteed a spot in this year’s festival when you submit. This form is only a notice of interest, and it is not binding. The registration must be complete (you have answered all questions) for our concept developers to evaluate it and provide feedback. Our concept developers will go through registrations on an ongoing basis and get back before March 15th.

The registration closes on Mars 1st.

Criteria for collaboration

As a collaboration partner, organizer, or actor in Gothenburg Culture Festival 2023, you need to share the festival’s goals and values:

  • We strive to have a sustainable festival and avoid the use of disposable materials.
  • We are working on having an equal festival with a broad diversity.
  • The activities need to be free of charge and open to all.
  • Together we make experiences with a focus on food, meetings, music, culture, and people. This leads to a positive force for change.

What a collaborator will get from Gothenburg Culture Festival

  • Access to the festival’s toolbox which contains logotypes, photos, symbols, texts, and more communications tools
  • Visibility in our digital program on our website, both in Swedish and English
  • Visibility in our social media through group posts (i.e., we collect activities/projects under the same post and write short about each).

Short about Gothenburg Culture Festival

Gothenburg Culture Festival is a sustainable citywide festival on August 31–September 3, 2023. The festival is open to all and free of charge and offers everything from great popular artists to contemporary circus, children’s theatre, new food experiences, and the chance to try out activities for yourself.

The Gothenburg Culture Festival’s mission is to offer an annual festival that contributes towards a more human, more enjoyable, and more sustainable society. We work as an umbrella organization where several actors, producers, and organizers gather to make a festival.