Ana Diaz

World-class melody maker

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Sunday September 04, 18:00 - 19:30


A female coded person in a white blouse looks to the right of the camera. The background is trees and green out of focus.


Feeling may be a worn out word when it comes to music, but sometimes you just have to use it. As with Ana Diaz. The artist who wrote hits for big artists like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Zara Larsson before she decided to step into the spotlight. Something that turned out to be a fantastic decision. Diaz showed that in addition to being a world-class melody maker, she also possesses a very rare ability to handle words. A sung poetry that places the listener so close that it almost burns when Ana Diaz balances between sorrow and comfort; between gloomy sink realism and healing hopefulness.

After releasing the overwhelmingly beautiful single '100' in 2019, the debut album 'Tröst och vatten' finally came out in 2020. 'Text Author of the Year'. Ana Diaz also participated in ‘Så mycket bättre’ 2020, where she was a great success as both interpreter and composer.






Kungstorget, 411 10 Göteborg
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