Baba Karam - through Jamileh and Khordadian The Summer Sneak Peek

Dance performance with Konstgruppen Ful

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16:00 - 16:45, Sunday September 04



Welcome to Baba Karam - through Jamileh and Khordadian The Summer Sneak Peek! A participating queer dance performance based on the popular Iranian dance form baba karam.

Three performers and a DJ invite you to dance and listen to queer dance memories. The work is inspired by Iranian home festivals which in Persian and in Iran are called mehmooni. Submitted movements from home dancers around the world also contribute to inspiration for the work.

The art group 'Ful' has paid tribute to the power of dance to change and enable forbidden desires and identities. The work is also a tribute to the two leading and well-known American-Iranian choreographers Jamileh and Mohammad Khordadian. They have inspired millions around the world to dance baba karam. With their important works, they have shifted the boundaries of what dance can do and mean to people, and how dance is created when people are in exile.

Baba Karam - through Jamileh and Khordadian The Summer Sneak Peek moves between home party and club room while taking place in the public space. The mix of shapes creates the opportunity to cover the stage and salon, stranger and friend, performer and audience. In the performance, the music and dance are woven together with documentary and personal stories about dance memories, exile and decisive events in people's lives that are associated with dance.


Parwin Hoseinia, Rani Nair, Jafar the Superstar and Rasuul (George Chamoun)


Sign language interpretation





Kungstorget, 411 10 Göteborg
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