One of Sweden's best live artists

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Saturday September 03, 19:30 - 20:30



There is something absolutely necessary in Hurula's music. As if every syllable he spits out among the noisy guitars just has to come out. Because they are needed. The gripping stories of class, exclusion, mental illness and beating hearts in second-hand apartments have made Hurula the voice of everyone who has promised never to be like them. Over four brilliant albums - ’Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för’ (2014), via ’Vapen till dom hopplösa’ (2016), ’Klass’ (2019) and last year 'Jehovah' - Hurula has become one of the most important artists in Sweden and received love from both critics and listeners. Among other things, he has been awarded three Grammys in the category 'Rock of the Year'.

What is fantastic on record is, if possible, even more fantastic live. Hurula himself wanders restlessly back and forth between his performances while the band creates the foundation in what must be among the best you can see on a stage in Sweden. Something that was proven on the live album 'In a gravel-covered parking lot' which was released last autumn. In February, new music came from Hurula, and shortly afterwards he embarks on an extensive Nordic tour.






Kungstorget, 411 10 Göteborg
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