Inauguration of Children's greenhouse

Children's greenhouse invites you to a green oasis in Biskopsgården

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Byggleken i Biskopsgården

Saturday September 03, 11:00 - 14:00



All children are welcome to the green oasis at the new cultivation site at Byggleken in Biskopsgården. The Park and Nature Administration and the Gothenburg Botanical Garden join forces with other nature-loving actors for you to learn about cultivation and edible plants. Step into green oases to see how beans, tomatoes, spices and other edible plants live. You will harvest some of the plants that were planted during Children's Day in May. Look at plants in different stages from seed to fruit. Examine the symbiosis between animals and nature, and why you need both when cultivating.

Be inspired and evoke curiosity for what is seen both above and below ground. Try making potato prints and felting with wool.

Experience a heart-pounding disco and plant mischief seeds together with Alfons Åberg's culture house.


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Byggleken i Biskopsgården

Byggleken i Biskopsgården
Badvädersgatan 7, 41836 Göteborg
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