Kælan Mikla (IS)

Dark and ethereal rock from Iceland

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Vega bryggeri

Saturday September 03, 22:40 - 23:40


Portrait picture of three female coded people. Two of them have blonde hair and one has dark hair. All three look into the camera.


Kælan Mikla was founded in 2013 as a contribution in a poetry competition. In the following years, they continued to emerge and establish themselves as a solid part of Reykjavik's grassroots scene. In 2015, the song "Kalt" was released and attracted a lot of attention abroad. Then the band began to act with various well known bands abroad. Over the past five years, Kælan Mikla has traveled continuously and released three LPs.

Robert Smith, the front man of the immortal band The Cure is a big fan and has booked Kælan Mikla for various festivals along with iconic bands such as Pixies, Slowdive, Dekones, and to open for the rock band Placebo. After the release of their third LP, "Nótt eftir Nótt", they have got a large audience in the genre, but what really makes Kælan Mikla stand out is the strong audiovisual adventure through their magical world that constantly develops and always leaves the audience with a memorable concert experience. Their fourth album, "Undir Köldum Norðurljósum", was released in October 2021.





Vega bryggeri

Vega bryggeri
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