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Stigbergets Bryggeri

Saturday September 03, 22:45 - 23:45



Makthaverskan hit like a bomb in indie Sweden when they debuted in 2009. It was a long time ago something sounded so rough and raw but at the same time so obvious, uncontrial and honest. It was just a bunch of young people, then only 15-17 years old, who made exactly the music they wanted to make.

Since then, they have gone from strength to strength, and become bigger on internationally level. Their second album from 2013 was released worldwide and led to two extensive tours in the United States. They have been praised on the most important music sites such as Pitchfork, Stereogum and NPR.

In Sweden it has gone very well too, with gigs at basically all major pop festivals, including Way Out West, Emmaboda, Hultsfred, Arvika, Knarrholmen, Storsjöyran and many more. Now they are finally back with their fourth album "För allting", and they sound better than ever.





Stigbergets Bryggeri

Stigbergets Bryggeri
Stålverksgatan 2, 417 07 Göteborg
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