The world's best Beatles tribute band plays the Beatles' most well-known hits from 1962-1970

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16:00 - 17:00, Saturday September 03


Black and white image of five male coded people in a row. The person on the far left is closest to the camera and the person on the far right is furthest from the camera. Everyone is looking to the right in the direction of the camera.


Pepperland is the band from Gothenburg that has been named by The Beatles producer George Martin as the world's best Beatles interpreter. The five musicians take us on a journey through the greatest success story in pop history.

Paul, George, John and Ringo made music history with their groundbreaking compositions, crafting around 300 masterpieces between 1960 and 1970. The Beatles' music will forever be loved. Here, the 60's generation gets to dream their way back and the younger ones experience the greatness of the music that was once created by the geniuses from Liverpool.

Pepperland has taken the Beatles world by storm. Since the early 1990s, the band has attended the annual Beatles Festival in Liverpool and other memorial concerts. Distinctive is that they are always faithful to the original releases, it should simply sound like on the records. With modern technology, even the symphony orchestra becomes part of the performance

Recently, the band has been a success with the show Yeah! Yes! Yes! at the Gothenburg City Theatre, which goes for sold-out houses.


Micke Isacson - guitar, vocals
Per Umaerus - guitar, vocals
Mathias Gian Kündig - bass, vocals
Stephen Sahlin - keboards, vocals
Benny Karlsson - drums, vocals






Kungstorget, 411 10 Göteborg
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