Röhsska Museet

Welcome to a full day at the Röhsska Museum

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Röhsska museet

Saturday September 03, 11:00 - 17:00


The Röhsska museum is an older building with a red brick facade. In the middle there is a staircase up to a large gate and on each side of the gate hangs banners with the letter Ö which is Röhsska's logo. In the foreground are two trees and people walking by.


Design is everywhere and affects us all. Every day, from morning to evening. With us, design classics, arts and crafts and form experiments meet in a dynamic interplay - from East Asian dragon motifs to dancing figurines.

A full day with viewing marathon and workshops.


Design & Handicraft


Walks & Exhibition




Röhsska museet

Röhsska Museet
Vasagatan 37 – 39 400 15 Göteborg
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