William Soovik Grand Finale

A mix of free jazz, rock and melancholy

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Sunday September 04, 12:00 - 12:40


Five persons stand together and play their instruments.


The festival site Bältespännarparken is made possible in collaboration with Näringslivsgruppen Göteborg & Co.

After three released records, William Soovik Grand Finale is on its way to becoming one of Sweden's most promising additions to the modern jazz scene. The music can be described as a kind of hybrid with influences from Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa, to Keith Jarret and Charles Mingus. It is rock and melodic, which appeals to both the jazz nerd and the one with a slightly broader musical palette. Someone once described the band as "the missing link between Nirvana and The Bad Plus".

William Soovik Grand Finale is the heart child of the Gothenburg drummer William Soovik. The band started in mid-2017 as an attempt for the band leader to work his way out of a period of gig drought and jazz anxiety. The following year, the critically acclaimed debut album "Rustik Musik" was released. The record landed a top 10 place in Orkesterjournalen's competition "Gyllene Skivan". The second album "Major" has so far been streamed over 750,000 times on Spotify. In the spring of 2022, the band got to represent Sweden at the prestigious Nordic Jazz Comets festival in Copenhagen.

This concert is presented by Kulturföreningen Bunkern and Bunkern bokar.






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