Workshop Emoji keyring

Make your own key chain inspired by Emojis (suitable from 6 years old)

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Röhsska museet

12:00 - 16:00, Saturday September 03


Yellow emojis that makes different facial expressions.


Colorful, discreet, striped or fluffy - what do you want your keychain to look like?
The first set of emojis was created in 1999 by the Japanese Shigetaka Kurita. He was inspired by the comic book manga, which uses simple symbols to show emotions, such as beads of sweat for nervousness and light bulbs for ideas. Today, the new emojis are constantly evolving and one of the goals is that it should stand for an inclusive way of expression that does not depend on which language the user speaks.

Everyone recognize a laughing emoji, no matter what part of the world it is used in. As inspiration, you can look up some of the facial expressions in the exhibition Inspiration East Asia, from emojis to expressive netsukes - the buttons that are part of the Japanese kimono.




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