In the middle of a park there is an open stage. Around the stage people are waiting for the next performer. Sun is setting and makes a warm light. In the left of the photo theres a large, old building known as Stora Teatern.

Hello there! Today it is exactly six months left until this year’s edition of Gothenburg’s Culture Festival!

It sure can feel like far too long to wait, but until then we promise you a lot of other fun happenings in Gothenburg. In the middle of April, you can test experiments and challenge your nerdy traits with our friends at the International Science Festival Gothenburg. The program that is open for everyone runs from April 18-23. The program was released last week so check out their website and find your favorites! Among other things, you can try playful science in the Experiment Workshop, listen to exciting lectures on everything from physics to philosophy and learn more about a sustainable future.

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An event space in a shopping mall. People are crowding to try fun activities.
Photo: Marie Ullnert

This summer we will finally celebrate Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary!

Our friends at the Anniversary organisation are planning the festival of the century in the middle of Gothenburg. They bring you a citywide festival on June 2–5 in Frihamnen with everything from internationally known artists to Gothenburg stars, inauguration of the new harbor bath and much more. Free and open to everyone!

The celebration of Gothenburg then continues all summer until the Gothenburg Culture Festival and the final weekend of the celebration, which now no longer feels so far away, right?

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Two people smiling and looking at each other. In the background, people can be seen strolling around. Many are lightly dressed so it seems to be warm outside. In the background on the left is the new Hisingsbron
Photo: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co

See you in the crowd!