Here are a selection of questions and answers about this year’s Gothenburg Culture Festival. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

On what dates will the Gothenburg Culture Festival take place in 2022?
1-4 September.

Where will the Gothenburg Culture Festival take place?
The program and the festival places will take shape this spring and be launched in June.

Where can I see the programme?
This year’s programme will be available here on our website, from June 2022

How much does it cost?
Most activities during the festival are free and open to everyone. However, you pay for food and drinks sold at the festival’s food actors. There may also be material costs if you want to try a handycraft, for example.

Is there any age limit?
Some program items have an age limit. More information about this will be published here on the web site once the program is launched in June.

Will it be a digital festival?
We will not provide any digital or live streamed program this year.

Will some of the program offer audio description or sign language interpreting?
Yes. You can search here on the web site when the program is ready in June.

Where can I find someone to ask a question about the festival?
If you have any questions, you can email, or find us on Facebook or Instagram.