Lost a child or an adult? (SE)

Civilförsvarsförbundet and FRG will help you
Foto: Civilförsvarsförbundet i Göteborg
Children and family
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Tuesday 14 August 12:00-19:30
Wednesday 15 August 12:00-19:30
Thursday 16 August 12:00-19:30
Friday 17 August 12:00-19:30
Saturday 18 August 12:00-19:30
Sunday 19 August 12:00-18:00

Lost a child or an adult? Don't worry, Civilförsvarsförbundet and FRG (Frivilliga resursgruppen) will help you. All lost children and adults should come here.

Our organisation consists of well trained people who can help you find lost persons. In our tent there are first aid kits. You can also get a "Barnens kulturkalas" bracelet on which you write the phone number to the adult in charge of the child.

We kindly ask you to use our tent as a meeting point if you have lost contact with each other.