Children's construction school (suitable from 5 years old) (SE)

Build and create accordint to your own imagination with NCC
Foto: Erik Mårtensson
Children and family
Partners and activities
Design and handicraft
Tuesday 14 August 12:00-19:30
Wednesday 15 August 12:00-19:30
Thursday 16 August 12:00-19:30
Friday 17 August 12:00-19:30
Saturday 18 August 12:00-19:30
Sunday 19 August 12:00-18:00

Do you want to build a cool car, a spaceship or a stable for your unicorns? Everything is possible – it's just your own imagination that sets the limits. All children over the age of 5 who are keen to give carpentry a try are welcome to NCC:s tent. There will be plenty of material, tools and knowledgeable staff that will assist you if needed.

The queue will be closed an hour before Barnens Kulturkalas closes to give everybody standing in line the chance to build and create. Children's construction school is a sneak peak of NCC's building world. Welcome!

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