Poop basketball and porridge from a different kettle (SE)

Water and Waste Managment, City of Gothenburg
Foto: Paul Björkman
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Tuesday 14 August 12:00-19:30
Wednesday 15 August 12:00-19:30
Thursday 16 August 12:00-19:30
Friday 17 August 12:00-19:30
Saturday 18 August 12:00-19:30
Sunday 19 August 12:00-18:00

Talk crap with Kretslopp och vatten, and try a new form of basketball.

Pee and poo is yucky, but can also be fun and exciting. Mostly yucky, many grown-ups would say... We who work with it every day want everybody to absolutely love their toilet. Why, you might wonder?

The novelty this year is the toilet-paper porridge. Is it eatable? Wouldn’t you like to know!

<p>Kretslopp och vatten - Water and Waste Managment, City of Gothenburg</p>