Passalen in the canal (SE)

Everyone can sail – welcome to try
Foto: Passalen
Children and family
Tuesday 14 August 12:00-19:30
Wednesday 15 August 12:00-19:30
Thursday 16 August 12:00-19:30
Friday 17 August 12:00-19:30
Saturday 18 August 12:00-19:30
Sunday 19 August 12:00-18:00

Visit Passalen and try sailing in the middle of the canal. Everyone can sail in our custom-made accessable dinghies. Whether you are big or small, walking or on wheels – everybody can join.

Our activity is usually very popular so come early and get your number tag.

Since sailing is very popular we use “first come first served”. You fill in a registration form and get a number tag. When I’'s your turn, we call your number. All sailors must wear life jackets, which you can borrow from us, and you must also sail with an expert instructor.

<p>Passalen, Vattenvana, Göteborgs Kungl. Segel Sällskap, Jubileumsparken</p>