Sprout! (suitable from 6 years old) (SE)

A walk through history
Foto: Eva Brandin
Children and family
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History and society
Theatre, variety and dance
Tuesday 14 August 13:00-13:30
Tuesday 14 August 14:15-14:45
Tuesday 14 August 16:00-16:30
Wednesday 15 August 13:00-13:30
Wednesday 15 August 14:15-14:45
Wednesday 15 August 16:00-16:30
Thursday 16 August 13:00-13:30
Thursday 16 August 14:15-14:45
Thursday 16 August 16:00-16:30
Friday 17 August 13:00-13:30
Friday 17 August 14:15-14:45
Friday 17 August 16:00-16:30
Saturday 18 August 13:00-13:30
Saturday 18 August 14:15-14:45
Saturday 18 August 16:00-16:30
Sunday 19 August 13:00-13:30
Sunday 19 August 14:15-14:45
Sunday 19 August 16:00-16:30

It has been there for almost 200 years. People have passed by, rested for a while, worked and played in the park known as The Garden Society. They have stood among the greens and the waters, the garbage and the roses. The Captain who got an idea. The gardeners with dirty aprons. The tramdriver on a lunch break. The school children on an outing. The students, the tourists and the gardening enthusiasts. 

Skapet invites all from 6 years old and up to a floral adventure through the park. Together with the audience, hidden stories are drawn back to life. Tales and truths carry us through the garden where anything can happen. Where it all sprouts. Where the trees have been standing tall for as long as the park has been there. What would they tell us if they could speak? 

The performance, which takes approximately 30 minutes, is a walk down a broad, flat path, suitable for wheelchairs and in a pace adapted to the group. 

The performance starts behind Frömagasinet at the park entrance nearby Alfons Åbergs kulturhus. 

Language: Swedish.

<p>Hanna Källdin, Hanna Sundelius, Karolin Ankarcrona and Ragnhild Lennblad</p>