The Boost Palace – create your dream outfit (suitable from 5 years old, enter every hour) (SE)

Presented by Västarvet with support from EuroPride
Foto: Maria Claesson/Västarvet
Children and family
Design and handicraft
Tuesday 14 August 12:00-19:30
Wednesday 15 August 12:00-19:30
Thursday 16 August 12:00-19:30
Friday 17 August 12:00-19:30
Saturday 18 August 12:00-19:30
Sunday 19 August 12:00-18:00

The Boost Palace is a craft paradise where you and your grownup friends can create your dream outfit. Brilliant inspirers and instructors, among them drag queens, are ready with their glue guns and everything that is beautiful – they will help you create out of the box! Maybe you want to make an outfit for the EuroPride Parade or for some other time when you want to shine? Either way, show everyone who you are by making your version of the perfect creation! 

The earth is our friend and that is why we are working with recycling and fixing things that we already have. Do you have a cap who feels tired or a sweater longing for new life?  Bring a garment, a sunhat, a bandana or something else you want to remake – or come as you are and we will create the perfect accessory. Together with our fabulous inspirers it will be the favorite in the closet.

This activity is suitable for children five years old and above.

Tickets: Get your free ticket to The Boost Palace in Trädgårdsföreningen. Admission every hour, on the hour.

<p>Västarvet tillsammans med flera inspiratörer</p>