Flera personer står på en scen och tittar upp mat fotografen som fotar snett ovanifrån. Personerna på scnenen är glada och jublar.

Yesterday, the annual Recycling Gala (Återvinningsgalan) took place. Eight awards were presented in various categories, and two projects that Gothenburg Culture Festival worked on throughout the year each received an award.

Special Prize of the Year

The research project Retake, in collaboration with the Culture Festival to make Bältespännarparken disposable-free, won the category “Special Prize of the Year.”

The motivation reads

“The research project ReTake is led by Chalmers Industriteknik, aiming to make events and the visitor industry disposable-free. The project involves developing a rotation system with reusable items for food and beverages, which was tested at major events such as Gothenburg Horse Show, Almedalsveckan, and Gothenburg Culture Festival in 2023.”
Retake. Photo: Mikael Gustavsen Saksi.

Reuse of the Year

Borås Science Park, which reused Culture Festival’s staff uniforms, won the category “Reuse of the Year.”

The motivation reads

“Borås Science Park has been instrumental in creating merchandise and volunteer clothing for the Way Out West festival, entirely consisting of reused second-hand clothes.”
Borås Science Park. Photo: Mikael Gustavsen Saksi.

About the Recycling Gala

The Recycling Gala is organized by the magazine Recycling, with Avfall Sverige and Återvinningsindustrierna as co-organizers. The recycling industry has many successful, wise, and courageous companies. The gala is a celebration where all the heroes of the industry take center stage. An event where all parts of the industry can meet, exchange experiences, and together celebrate the heroes of the industry.

With the Recycling Gala, we and our partners aim to give well-deserved attention to a very important but usually not very glamorous societal function, namely waste management and recycling. With the setting that the Recycling Gala provides, the industry is treated to at least one evening a year of light, shine, glitter, and glamour.