– Miriam Bryant is one of Sweden’s absolute biggest artists and also embodies so much of Gothenburg. It will be a fantastic finale for the 400th anniversary, says Jessica Winnberg, producer at Gothenburg & Co for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary.

On Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary, June 4th, 2021, Miriam Bryant participated in celebrating the city from a tram in a live televised program. The grand public Jubilee Celebration began in June 2023 with the Jubilee Festival and has continued throughout the entire summer. From August 31st to September 3rd, there will be a final weekend with numerous events and activities throughout Gothenburg. When Miriam Bryant takes the stage at 9:00 PM on September 3rd, it will mark the closing act for both the Jubilee Celebration and this year’s Culture Festival. The concert is open to everyone and admission is free.

– Now we’re tying together the entire Jubilee Celebration with Miriam Bryant. It will be a fantastic conclusion to Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary and the festive final weekend, featuring everything from the Jubilee Parade and Island Party to the Culture Festival and Jubilee Fireworks. And everyone is welcome, says Therese Brusberg, head of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary at Gothenburg & Co.