The Gothenburg Culture Festival contributes to ecological suitability throw our collaborations. We have several demands regarding food, disposable items, and waste on our partners. The goal is to increase the level of ecological sustainability for all our collaborators, to their capacity. However, everyone that is part of the Culture Festival must meet our minimum level of demands for ecological sustainability.

We should be attractive and relevant by promoting locally produced food and drinks. The Culture Festival will boost local food and increase the knowledge about the rich food culture that exists in our community. We also aim to inspire to a more sustainable food consumption with a lower emission per portion.

Street Food Festival

On Basargatan we are partnering with the Street Food Festival. Here, you could get a taste of food from all over the world but also local food producers and breweries. During the festival the Swedish Championship in street food, sweet food and other categories took place with a prominent jury. The best street food at the 2023 years Street Food Festival was Flavor Boss.