Gothenburg Culture Festival

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To achieve sustainable development, there must be a balance between the three dimensions: ecological, social and financial. We assume that all our contributors and collaborators work actively with the three dimensions of sustainability. This is a requirement to be part av the festival. The Gothenburg Culture Festival works as a platform that strengthens and visualizes this. Our goal is Sustainable destination 2030 with the following areas in focus:

A Gothenburg for all

The program of the festival aims to show a wide diversity and reflect the whole city. No one should be excluded based on gender, ethnicity, functionality, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression, religion, or age.

Accessible for everyone

Gothenburg Culture Festival is free of charge, giving everyone opportunity to experience music and preforming arts. Regardless of your background or functionality you should feel welcome and included in the festival. Everyone should feel safe and secure at our sites.

Photo: Marie Ullnert

Climate neutral 2030

Gothenburg Culture Festival works actively with actions that reduces our emissions. We also inspire and give our collaborators support in their work with sustainability.

Equality 50/50

We strive for a more equal society and aim to communicate in a way that is inclusive.

Zero waste

As part in reducing our emissions we have the ambition to make the event zero waste. That also means that all contributors shall avoid disposable materials and that we encourage explorations of new methods to eliminate waste.

Local, thrilling, and sustainable 

We want to be appealing and relevant by promoting locally produced food and drinks. The Culture Festival boost local food and increase the knowledge about the rich food culture that exists in our community. We also aim to inspire to a more sustainable consumption with a lower emission per portion.

Circular and reused

With innovative solutions the Culture Festival should be a force in change for circular models and reused products. In order to lower consumption and make sustainable choices easy.