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Holy Moly

Saturday September 03, 14:30 - 15:15



Sweden is a small country, the same applies to Norway and Denmark - but
together we are a population of 22 million people. Then we are suddenly a large
market, one that many do not really have a grip on and strategies for.

Do we see ourselves as part of a unit? How does the live industry address the
possibilities of increasing the number of concerts, tours and festivals? Does
management realize the potential that exists outside its own boundaries? Are
record companies thinking of expanding their sales areas? Are the artists
interested? What are the success factors? Which boxes need to be ticked in to get
out to the neighboring countries, which ones have succeeded and where is the
starting point?

To address the theme, we have invited a Scandinavian trio with massive
experience from the live industry, management and record companies;

Linn Margrethe Skoie - FKP Scorpio, Oslo, NO
Linn is a project manager at FKP Scorpio in Oslo. From before, she has seven years serving as booking manager at Café Mono and three years booking at the Oslo venues Vulkan and Krøsset. She's also working with artists at Talent Farm + a bunch of her own, and still making time for Kongsberg Jazz Festival.

Mikkel Wad Larsen - Was Entertainment, Copenhagen, DK
Mikkel has spent almost every minute of his adult life in music. Having a background in DIY metal & punk culture , Mikkel has booked and performed close to 1000 shows in his life. From dingy pubs in east london to AC/DC stadium shows. Nowadays Mikkel is a live agent working with talents such as Rebecca Lou, Greta, Kamma, girlcrush and spends his days at WAS Entertainment, a management and label, in Copenhagen.

Daniel Johansson - Göteborg & Co, Gothenburg, SE
Daniel Johansson is the main booker at Kulturkalaset, the city festival of Gothenburg. Daniel has worked in the music business since 2005 and has promoted 1000+ shows through the years, everything from small club shows to big arena events. This panel is a part of this years official program of the festival so we are catching Daniel right in the middle of it all.



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