Manhole cover poetry

Manhole cover poetry outside the new Culture center in Bergsjön

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Kulturstråket Bergsjön

Saturday September 03, 13:30 - 14:00


Manhole cover poetry written ontop. The edging of the manhole cover is yellow and around it is cobblestones.


Poet Lina Ekdahl reads her poem at the installation of the manhole cover poetry outside the new cultural center in Bergsjön. The idea of ​​manhole cover poetry was born in 2018 when the Gothenburg City Jubilee initiative Rain Gothenburg was given the opportunity to do something on themanhole covers that are cast and laid out in the city.
By using a previously unused surface for art, poetry is taken to places where it otherwise rarely reaches, which contributes to a more fun filled city.
The poetic words meet the heavy cast iron, or as the 2019 manhole cover poet Lina Ekdahl described it;
“Poetry could participate in society to a much greater extent than is happening today. Not only in the given literary contexts. Poetry is needed in every room. Poetry is a great way to comment on events, feel moods and currents in what is happening within and outside us.
Can make us stop, think, find power and courage, see the beautiful, the humorous, the sad, the dirty and the important. "
At the same time, manhole cover poetry creates attention to rain and the important infrastructure of society underground. Manhole cover poetry has now established itself and is further spread out in Sweden. In addition to Gothenburg, in 2021, the majority of Skåne municipalities also joined. In 2022, it is Umeå who joins as a partner in the manhole cover poetry projekt.





Kulturstråket Bergsjön

Kulturstråket Bergsjön
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